Family Medicine faculty and residents

Our residents are a wonderful group and bring a wide range of experience and interests to the residency. They have a passion for the future of health care. If we were to underscore some of the characteristics that make for a good match between Kaiser Permanente's program and our residents, high on the list would be self-starters who enjoy having a degree of control over their learning. Our residents are collegial, team-oriented, and are passionate about family medicine.

Health systems improvement: All residents are involved in the update and creation of Kaiser Permanente clinical guidelines and quality improvement work in the clinic as part of their scholarly work.

Advocacy and policy: Our residents maintain consistent representation on the board of King County Academy of Family Physicians and as participants in the Washington Academy of Family Physicians. One of the senior residents was selected to participate in the American Academy of Family Physician's "Emerging Leader Institute."

Research: Recent graduates have conducted research in primary care outcomes and sports medicine applications.

Curriculum development: Residents are paired with faculty in the development of the following projects: lean management, resident wellness, teaching and evaluating secure messaging and telephone visits, EMR training, and longitudinal residency curriculum development.

Areas of concentration: Recent graduates and current residents have established areas of concentration in HIV care, geriatrics, sports medicine, primary care outcomes research, systems management, reproductive health, and evidence-based medicine.

Meet Our Family Medicine Residents

Third Year
Anne Barnard
Stephanie Funez
Molly Garbus
Owen Kendall
Kate Schousen
Rachel Weiner

Second Year
Jessica Goman
Megan Hirsh
Raj Sundar
Natalie Wilhelm
Phyllis Ying
Denise Yu

First Year
Taryn Hansen
Brandon Hidaka
Shawna Okamoto
Emily Prazak
Martina Tam
Joy Thurman-Nguyen