Pharmacy residency project

We require residents to complete an official residency project, which may be in the form of original research, a problem-solving exercise, or development or enhancement of some aspect of our pharmacy services. We expect residents to make formal presentations of their projects.

Presentation opportunities include:

  • Western States Conference for Pharmacy Residents, Fellows, and Preceptors
  • Washington State Pharmacy Association
  • Kaiser Permanente Organization Stakeholders
  • Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Past residency projects


  • Pharmacy's Impact In Improving Transitions of Care from SNF to Home-Health
  • Effect of COT Guideline and Health Plan POS Safety Edit on Opioid Dose


  • Clinical and Economic Outcomes of a Pharmacist-Driven Hepatitis C Program
  • Evaluation of a Managed Care, Mail Order Promotion Strategy for Large Employer Group Members


  • Creation of a Dynamic Tool to Estimate the Financial Impact and Value of New and Future Hepatitis C Treatments
  • The Impact of Increasing Cost-Share on Resource Utilization and Health Outcomes in the MS Populations


  • The Return on Investment of a Clinical Pharmacist in an Outpatient Ambulatory Care Setting
  • Pharmacy and Medical Claims-based Analysis Targeting Insulin Durable Medical Equipment for Cost and Care Intervention


  • Vitamin K Usage in the Reversal of Anticoagulation
  • Development and Implementation of a Specialty Pharmacy Medication Management Program Within a Contracted Network


  • Impact of a Free First Fill Program on PPI Utilization in a Health Plan
  • Evaluation of a Utilization Management Program to Optimize the Appropriate Use of Insulin NPH


  • Medication Reconciliation by Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacists Post-Hospital Discharge
  • Effect of Patient-specific Mailings in Making Affordable Health Decisions