Manage Your Care With Our Mobile App

Many features you access through your online account are available with our mobile app. Download the Kaiser Permanente of Washington app to easily manage your account and care.

If you already had the Group Health mobile app, you'll see improved and added features when you sign on to the Kaiser Permanente of Washington app after updating.

It's easy and secure to download the app and get started

What can I do with the mobile app?
Sign on with your Kaiser Permanente member ID number, then get started with the easy-to-use home screen. You can:

  • Schedule an appointment with your Kaiser Permanente care team
  • Contact the Consulting Nurse
  • Manage your prescriptions
  • Locate and find wait times for clinics, pharmacies, and labs

You can also:

  • Find walk-in CareClinics at Bartell Drugs locations
  • Find in-network urgent care clinics, including those in Spokane

What else can I do with the mobile app?
After you visit a Kaiser Permanente medical office, you can see visit summaries and test results, and exchange messages with your care team.

To manage your prescriptions, first transfer them to the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy, then you can order, refill, and check status.

How do I set up parental access for my child?
After you register and get access for yourself, you'll need to take another step to get parental access for your children aged 17 and younger. See how to request access, fill out a form for each child for whom you want online access, and follow the instructions.

Is my personal health information secure with mobile services?
Yes. The mobile app uses the same security as your online account. Personal medical data is available on your phone only after you register and only when you sign in to the app.

If you save your Kaiser Permanente sign-on information on your phone, we recommend you set a passcode lock for phone access.

Need help?
Call Kaiser Permanente Member Services 206-630-4636 or 888-901-4636 (toll-free).