Transfer and get copies of your medical records

You have the right to view or get copies of your medical record (or your child's) for free. You can get paper copies or view them online if you get care at a Kaiser Permanente medical office. You can also request your health information be sent to any person or entity.

Note: If you are a Washington resident and get treatment in the Vancouver/Longview area, visit

Transfer a record to Kaiser Permanente

If you get care from a non-Kaiser Permanente provider, contact them to get copies of your record, or to have your record transferred. Copies should be sent to the Kaiser Permanente location where you will be seen.

Transfer or get a copy of your record from Kaiser Permanente

Use the following form to transfer your requested health information to a non-Kaiser Permanente provider or facility, to another third party, or for yourself. We accept non-Kaiser Permanente forms if they comply with federal and state law.

Authorization to Disclose (Release) Health Care Information (PDF)

Or, if you choose to write a letter, it must include:

  • The patient's signature
  • Identity of the person to receive the record
  • Where to send the medical record

Send your request to the Business Office at your Kaiser Permanente medical office by fax, or mail to your regional location:

Western Washington
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington
Centralized Release of Information, RCG-D1N-02
P.O. Box 9812
Renton, WA 98057-9054
206-630-6848 or 1-866-656-4184
Fax: 206-630-6849
Central & Eastern Washington and North Idaho
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington
Centralized Health Information Management
P.O. Box 204
Spokane, WA 99224
Fax: 509-232-3127
Vancouver/Longview and Northern Oregon
Regional Process Center
10220 S.E. Sunnyside Road
Clackamas, OR 97015
Fax: 503-571-2624

To get X-rays or transfer a prescription, see:
Getting Copies of Radiology Images
Radiology images for Vancouver/Longview and Northern Oregon call 503-571-8451
General Pharmacy Information

Processing your request

Records will be available within 15 business days. If your record is not available within 15 days, we will let you know, and your record will be ready within 21 days from your original request.

If the information requested does not exist or can't be found, we will let you know within 15 business days. This is consistent with state law RCW 70.02.080 and 70.02.090.

Medical records are usually mailed. Only in emergency situations can records be picked up. A valid photo ID is required.

If someone other than the patient picks up a record, we require a note from the patient that specifies who may pick up the record. A valid photo ID is required.

Charges for copies

There is no charge for records sent directly to a physician, or those requested by a patient or member.

Requests made by parties other than a patient or member may be charged a fee consistent with WAC 246-08-400. Members or patients have the right to request paper copies, electronic copies on DVD, or downloadable electronic copies from a secure web portal.

Kaiser Permanente uses CIOX Health for medical record deliveries. Billing or delivery questions should be directed to CIOX at 1- 800-236-3355. There is a different fee when records are requested by or for insurance companies and attorneys.

Your rights

You may revoke release authorization at any time by submitting a revocation form to your health care provider, unless the provider has already acted on the original request.

You have the right to request changes to your record. You also have the right to know when information from your record has been inappropriately disclosed. You may request restrictions on the use and disclosure of personal information.