group health and kaiser permanente

Questions and Answers

Updated April 4, 2017

Is Group Health now part of Kaiser Permanente?

Yes. Kaiser Permanente's acquisition of Group Health Cooperative and its subsidiaries became final on Feb. 1, 2017.

Will I get a new ID card?

You should have received a new Kaiser Permanente ID card by now. Your member number didn't change, but you'll use your new Kaiser Permanente ID card for all your health care services. If you have not received your card, please call Member Services.

Did Group Health's name change?

Yes. The Group Health name changed to Kaiser Permanente. Group Health Cooperative health plans are now Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington plans. Group Health Options, Inc. health plans are now Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options, Inc. plans.

You'll now see the Kaiser Permanente name, brand, and logo in medical offices, on employee apparel, on member identification cards, on public websites, and more.

Will I have the same coverage and benefits?

Yes. Becoming part of Kaiser Permanente did not change the 2017 plan or benefits Group Health members selected during 2016 Open Enrollment. The acquisition does not affect 2017 premiums, benefits, or cost shares.

Will I have access to the same doctors and care teams?

Yes. You can continue to see the doctors and care teams you count on, including community providers who are in your plan's network. You can continue to receive care at the same locations and hospitals you did before the acquisition. To view the providers and facilities included in your plan's network, go to our online directory.

Will Kaiser Permanente retain Group Health hospital partners?

Kaiser Permanente will continue relationships with established hospital partners such as Overlake Medical Center, Seattle Children's, Swedish, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital, and CHI Franciscan. To view the providers and facilities included in your plan's network, go to our online directory.

Will I still have care options such as CareClinic and Consulting Nurse Service?

Yes. You can continue to get convenient walk-in care at CareClinic, inside select Puget Sound-area Bartell Drugs. And you can still call our Consulting Nurse Service for care advice 24/7 at the same phone number. Also see: Get care.

Will I still have access to my online accounts?

Yes. If you already registered as a Group Health member for access to our secure online services, your same member ID and password continue to work now that we are Kaiser Permanente. You can access your personal online account from your computer or smartphone.

When you receive care at a Kaiser Permanente medical office, you can also email your care teams, see lab results, and make appointments online, just like you have in the past. And you'll start see new features, as we continue to improve our online services. Our latest mobile app is now available for download.

Can I now access care in other Kaiser Permanente regions?

See When You Are Traveling to find out how to access care when you're away from home.
Most members can access Kaiser Permanente locations outside the Washington region. Coverage varies by plan, and some services while traveling require preauthorization.

To view the providers and facilities included in your plan's network, go to our online directory.

If I received a pre-authorization for services from Group Health, do I need to request a new authorization from Kaiser Permanente?

No. If you have an authorization for services that was issued by Group Health and still has a current date range, it is valid until the date of expiration.

Will Kaiser Permanente invest in the Washington region?

Yes. By investing in facilities, technology, equipment, and people, Kaiser Permanente plans to improve affordability, quality and service for members and the overall health of the community.

Kaiser Permanente has committed to invest $800 million to support the communities throughout Washington over the next decade. The acquisition also includes a commitment to invest $1 billion over the next 10 years to expand and modernize facilities and technology and improve both care and service.

Will Kaiser Permanente add new care locations in Washington?

This year, members will have access to five new walk-in clinics at CareClinic by Kaiser Permanente at Bartell Drugs. New locations include Des Moines, Silver Lake, Gig Harbor, Snoqualmie, and Redmond Town Center. In the South Sound, there will be new walk-in clinics at our Port Orchard, Tacoma, and Puyallup medical offices. In the years ahead, Kaiser Permanente plans to continue to expand facilities and access in Washington.

I'm a Kaiser Permanente member in another region. How can I become a Kaiser Permanente Washington member?

You can join Kaiser Permanente in the Washington region as a new Washington member. Membership doesn't transfer from one region to another. If you're a Kaiser Permanente member visiting Washington, call the Away from Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 for more information about getting care in Washington. If you live in Washington, we can help you find a plan that fits your needs.