Senior Caucus - Advocates for Healthy Aging

The Senior Caucus provides input to Kaiser Permanente executives, medical staff, managers, and other staff on timely topics related to healthy aging.


  • Give Kaiser Permanente members a better voice in the scope, quality, and affordability of medical care and benefits to support healthy aging.
  • Make a difference in the health and well-being as we get older.


  • Work as advocates for healthy aging at local, state, and federal levels.
  • Advocate for services, facilities, and processes within Kaiser Permanente that enhance healthy aging for all members.
  • Provide programs and resources that help our members in the pursuit of healthy aging.

Get Involved

Interested in healthy aging, either for yourself or someone close to you? Then this group is for you! Here's how you can be involved:

  • Attend the Senior Caucus monthly programs. See the annual calendar (PDF) and the events schedule.
  • Help create great programs that focus on healthy aging and the challenges of aging.
  • Explore and bring resources on healthy aging to our membership.
  • Lead or participate in discussion groups on books and topics related to healthy aging.
  • Be an advocate with Kaiser Permanente staff and government agencies on how benefits, services, and policies impact older members.
  • Help other members participate in activities that promote healthy aging (rides, calls, technology skills, and more).


Caucus membership is open to all adults who receive their health care at Kaiser Permanente, but it is particularly relevant to those aged 60 years and older. There are no fees or dues associated with membership.