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All Kaiser Permanente Washington health plans are competitively priced and cover the medical benefits you and your family need — with an emphasis on preventive care and your overall wellness.

Our plans offer you a wide range of choices in monthly premiums and cost shares, such as copays and coinsurance, to fit your budget and your needs.

Browse the summary of plan rates and benefits on this page, then get a quote and enroll directly through Kaiser Permanente.

If you qualify for financial help with your cost of coverage (use our tool to find out), then you'll need to enroll through the exchange, Washington Healthplanfinder.

More Resources

2018 Enrollment Guide & Rates (PDF)
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Enrollment Application (PDF)
Dental Coverage
Adult/Family Dental Application (PDF)
Tobacco Affidavit (PDF)
Affordable Care Act

Please note:
This is an overview of benefits. The contents are not to be accepted or construed as a substitute for the provisions of the medical coverage agreement. Other terms and conditions may apply. A list of excluded services and other limitations can be found in each plan's Summary of Benefits and Coverage document.

*Upfront visits not subject to deductible are combined for all visits. Each service does not have its own set of upfront visits.


Enrollment Deadline

Application deadline to enroll is the 15th of the month for coverage to start the 1st of the following month.
Example: Applied on June 10th, coverage will start July 1st. Applied on June 20th, coverage will start August 1st.