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Our coordinated and connected care is available across Washington. With a variety of plans, doctors, locations, and services to choose from, you get the coverage you need and high-quality health care you can count on.

Get the care you need from high-quality providers
Centered on Kaiser Permanente doctors and clinics, the Core provider network provides you with cost-effective, high-quality, patient-satisfying care from 10,000+ providers across the state.**

Choose the plan that's right for you and your family
We can help you find the Kaiser Permanente plan that's right for you.

Important Information

Are You an American Indian or Alaskan Native (AIAN)?
We offer several AIAN plans, and there is an enrollment period every month.
Kaiser Permanente AIAN Plans (PDF)

Need the Required Pediatric Dental?
Pediatric dental is required for those under age 19.
Learn more about our dental plans

*Enrolling Outside of Open Enrollment?
Under certain conditions—such as if you lose your health coverage or have a birth or adoption in your family—you can enroll in a plan or modify your coverage outside of the open enrollment period.
Learn more about qualifying events


*Required Information

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