Chances are you'll experience some type of urinary tract disorder during your lifetime, if you haven't already. Urinary tract infections — mostly bladder infections — are common in teens and adults, including pregnant women. Urinary incontinence, where you accidentally leak urine, often occurs after having a baby, and following menopause.

Don't hesitate to talk with your women's health care practitioner or family physician about any urinary track symptoms or problems that concern you. Many minor conditions can be treated at home, with lifestyle changes or antibiotics, and it's best to catch problems early before they become worse.

If you have a more serious condition and need tests or surgery, you'll probably be referred to our expert team of urogynecologists — doctors who specialize in both urology and gynecology — and urologists. Our physicians are skilled in the most advanced treatments and surgical procedures, including laparoscopic surgery, which allows complex procedures to be done with less invasive techniques.

No matter what your condition, our urologists will discuss your options with you, and together you can choose the treatment that's right for you.