Breast Reconstruction or Implant Surgery

Many women have breast reconstruction surgery after having a breast removed — a mastectomy — due to breast cancer, or as prevention if there's a high risk of developing breast cancer. Reconstructive surgery can be done at the same time as the mastectomy, or at a later date. Most women go home within 24 hours after a mastectomy that doesn't include reconstruction. Combining a mastectomy and reconstruction usually involves staying in the hospital several days.

Breast implant surgery is available for many reasons, including restoring the size or shape of breasts after significant weight loss or pregnancy, making the breasts more evenly proportioned, or enlarging or reducing their size. Talk with your doctor about what breast implant surgery involves, and whether the procedure is right for you. Also, contact Member Services to find out what is or isn't covered by your health plan.

One thing to consider is that breast implants can make it harder to detect cancer on a mammogram. Also, implants may need to be surgically removed or replaced at a later time.