woman consulting with orthopedist

Bone Health

It's never too late to begin protecting your bones. The best time to start building bone strength is when you're young. That's because your body only makes new bone through your early 30s. After that, staying active and maintaining your body's strength is essential, because inactivity leads to bone loss.

To assess your bone health, your personal physician at Kaiser Permanente medical offices may recommend a blood test to measure the level of vitamin D — a nutrient that's essential to bone health — in your body. Beginning at age 65, we recommend a bone density test to predict your risk of osteoporosis. And, no matter what your age, weight-bearing and strengthening exercises will keep your bones strong and maintain their density, and balance exercises will help prevent falls.

If you have an activity-related injury, the Activity, Sports, and Exercise Medicine team at Kaiser Permanente medical offices can help you recover and get back to your normal activities. If you need surgery, our Orthopedics Department is skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques and treatments.