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Women's health care at Kaiser Permanente

From reproductive health and pregnancy to osteoporosis and heart disease, the health care needs of women are different from those of men.

At Kaiser Permanente medical offices, you have a variety of choices for your health care needs. In addition to your personal primary care physician, you can self-refer to obstetrics/gynecology specialists (Ob/Gyn), physician assistants, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and midwives.

The common thread among all of these providers is advanced training in the care of women; a commitment to proven, evidence-based treatment; and a network of specialists and colleagues to support their work.

Our providers use some of the nation's most sophisticated electronic medical records to make sure you stay on track with preventive screenings. Our research pharmacists ensure that you receive medication that's proven — not just popular. And, where evidence doesn't clearly favor one procedure over another, we use an approach called shared decision making to help you make choices that are right for you.

Go to our provider directory to learn more about women's health specialists at Kaiser Permanente medical offices locations — or to find a contracted specialist near you. If you need help finding a provider or have questions about your health plan coverage, contact Member Services.

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