Your Care Team

Our pulmonary specialists treat a variety of conditions related to lungs, breathing, and sleeping conditions. Many of our specialists also practice critical care medicine and sleep medicine.

  • Peter Chuang, MD

    "When it comes to patient care, I believe being scientific, focused, and truthful, with a learning attitude, go hand-in-hand with compassion."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Matthew Fei, MD

    "My goal is to listen to and develop long-term relationships with my patients."

    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Richard Hert, MD

    "I believe all people deserve the highest quality health care. I strive every day to provide that care."

    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Louis Holtzman, PA

    "My goal is to help people through difficult situations with skill and care."

    Bellevue Medical Center

  • David Lewis, MD

    "I am committed to helping my patients maintain the highest quality of life possible by working with them to identify solutions to their health problems."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Priscilla Madsen, MD

    "I enjoy taking care of patients and consider it a privilege to be a doctor. My role is to be a patient advocate and to involve patients in medical decision making. I believe in communication, trust, and respect between a patient and their physician."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Michael Nevins, MD

    "I aspire to excellence in all aspects of medical care. My foremost concern is maintaining my patients' dignity and quality of life."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Cristina Ryser, PA-C

    "I believe in a holistic and scientific approach to patient wellness."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Robert Sandblom, MD

    "I will always put our patients first in quality of care, quality of service, convenience of care, and use of Kaiser Permanente resources. I will strive to create a healing environment in all aspects of care. I will continually improve my performance, and wish to be informed whenever I have not exceeded my patient's expectations."

    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Jeffrey Sullivan, MD

    "I aspire to provide the highest quality of medical care based on the most recent scientific evidence. To provide superior medical care, I strive to listen to the needs and concerns of the individual patient."

    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Bennet Wang, MD

    "I strive to determine each individual's preferences and provide compassionate care based on the best available medical evidence."

    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Kerlan Wolsey, MD

    "I believe that holistic well-being begins with a partnership that truly engages the patient and brings the best resources to bear to promote health."

    Tacoma Medical Center