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Melanoma Skin Cancer Care at Kaiser Permanente

Our cancer specialists at Kaiser Permanente medical offices have cared for thousands of patients with melanoma, a serious skin cancer. Our dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists and the entire cancer team work together to diagnose and treat patients with compassion and proven technology.

What Is Melanoma Skin Cancer?

In melanoma, a highly invasive form of skin cancer, abnormal skin cells grow out of control. Melanoma is more dangerous than basal or squamous cell (non-melanoma) skin cancer.

If melanoma is found and treated early, it is likely to go into full remission, with no signs or symptoms of cancer. If left untreated or diagnosed at a later stage, the cancer can spread to other parts of the body, where it is harder to treat.

Dermatologists treat early melanomas, while our cancer care team treats people with melanoma in a later stage.

Our dermatologists are specialists in treating skin cancer and include surgical dermatologists, specialists in Mohs microscopic surgery, and dermatopathologists (specialists in diagnosing diseases in skin tissue samples). Our oncologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists are experienced in caring for patients with more advanced melanoma.

What to Expect With Melanoma