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Behavioral Health Services

Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health Services (BHS) pre-authorizes and coordinates non-emergency mental health and chemical dependency care. This includes care for children, teens, and adults. You do not need a referral from your primary care provider to obtain behavioral health care, but you may be required to obtain pre-authorization from BHS before meeting with a mental health or chemical dependency provider.

Use the provider directory to find a practitioner covered by your health plan.

Behavioral health coverage and prior authorization requirements vary by health plan. Check your coverage documents or contact Member Services for more information. All patient information is confidential as required by law.

Types of care

Kaiser Permanente's Behavioral Health Services provides the following types of behavioral health care in our facilities or through contracts with mental health and chemical dependency treatment providers in the community:

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Substance abuse (chemical dependency) counseling
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Psychological testing

Service levels include:

  • Outpatient treatment (in a clinic setting)
  • Partial and full hospitalization (inpatient care)
  • Detoxification (outpatient and inpatient)

Our staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and nurses.

Care During Regular Business Hours

To begin or continue behavioral health care, or for urgent or crisis care during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.):

First-time appointments: Call 1-888-287-2680 or 206-901-6300

Extensions & follow-up care: Contact your provider's office or call 1-888-287-2680 or 206-901-6300

Urgent or crisis care: Contact your provider's office or call 1-888-287-2680 or 206-901-6300

Care after hours and weekends

Urgent or crisis care: Contact the Consulting Nurse Service

In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911. See emergency and urgent care