Metagenic Supplements Available at Kaiser Permanente

These metagenic supplements are available at Kaiser Permanente's pharmacy at our Bellevue clinic and by mail order. No prescription is needed.

For your first order, you may pick your supplements in Bellevue or ask the Bariatric Surgery staff to have supplements shipped to you, along with a bill.

After your first order, you may refill your supplements through Kaiser Permanente's Mail-Order Services by phone or online. Your order will be mailed to you without any shipping charges. Or you may pick up supplements at our Bellevue pharmacy.

Probiotic Supplement
Name on bottle: Ultra Flora Plus Caps
60 capsules per bottle
Take: 1 capsule 1-2 times per day
Cost: $35.50

Multiple Vitamins
Name on the bottle: Multigenics Chewable
90 tabs per bottle
Take: 1 tab once a day
Cost: $20.50

Calcium Supplement
Name on the bottle: Cal Apatite (this product contains vitamin D)
90 capsules per bottle
Take: 3 capsules 1-2 times per day
Cost: $17.25

Name on the bottle: Hemagenics
180 capsules per bottle
Take: 1 per day (as directed by your surgeon-not everyone needs iron)
Cost: $36.95

Fish Oil
Name on the bottle: EPA-DHA 720
120 soft gels per bottle
Take: 1-2 gels per day
Cost: $41.95