Health Profile and Wellness Services

Get a jump on better health with Kaiser Permanente's online Health Profile. This wellness service is available to all adult members at no additional cost.

Your Health Profile

The Health Profile is an online questionnaire and report to help you take better control of your health. You can use this health risk assessment as a guide in discussing your overall care with your doctor.

In the questionnaire, you'll be asked about your medical history and your lifestyle routines. If you get your primary care at a Kaiser Permanente medical office, certain information from your medical record already will be included, such as your most recent blood pressure reading and cholesterol levels.

After you submit the questionnaire, you'll receive an online report with your health status, your risk for certain diseases, and suggestions for improving your health. When you update your profile — every year, or more often if you'd like — you'll see a comparison to what's changed since your last profile.

Accessing the Profile

To access the Health Profile, you need to register on this website for access to the secure online services. After you complete the registration process, you'll see a link to the Health Profile after you sign on to your secure home page.

If you have questions about getting access, contact Member Services during standard business hours.