Interpretive Services and Accessibility

We strive to remove barriers to care, whether they're due to language differences or physical impairments.

Interpretive services

We provide professional interpreters in any language, free of charge. Our staff can recognize when an interpreter is needed, communicate the option for an interpreter, and make an interpreter available.

Interpreters also are available for those with sight, speech, and hearing impairments. We provide free professional sign language and tactile interpreters for those with speech and hearing impairments, as well as Braille translations of certain print materials.

Many of our providers are bilingual. When searching in our Provider Directory, narrow search results by selecting a preferred language.

Our Resource Line offers some materials in languages other than English.

Video remote interpreter service

Our Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) system provides real-time, visual access to sign language services, 24/7, at our Bellevue and Capitol Hill Campus Urgent Care Centers. It's also available at Silverdale Medical Center.

Health care team members use VRI to connect quickly and securely to an off-site interpreter who assists patients and health care team members with effective communication through a camera and large monitor.


We address accessibility for those with mobility impairments in accordance with federal, state, and local law, and in particular, the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For individuals with hearing and speech impairments, we work with Washington Relay Service and Idaho Relay Service to communicate with TTY machines.

Service animals can accompany patients in our facilities except when animals are out of control, owners don't take effective action to control them, and animals poses a direct threat to health and safety of others, or both.

Our website is accessible for screen readers.