Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy

Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to helping you manage your specialty medications.

At the heart of our specialty pharmacy is a team of pharmacists and technicians who have been specially trained and board certified. We are dedicated solely to managing the medications associated with your condition. We will be in constant contact with you and your physician all so we can ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment and to improve your quality of life.

Every year Kaiser Permanente Washington pharmacy fills more than four million prescriptions. Our attention to prescription effectiveness, patient safety, and cost stewardship has led to our being ranked number one in Pharmaceutical Management among five local health plans. Now that same care and expertise has come to the management of specialty medications.

List of Specialty Medications (PDF)

Convenient refills, no shipping costs
24/7 advice and support
Financial assistance options
Updates to your doctor
Treatment monitoring
Specially trained pharmacists


Specially Trained Pharmacists

Our specialty medication pharmacists only work with patients on specialty drugs. This specially trained group reviews all of your medications for possible interactions, discusses dosage and possible side effects, and contacts you if revised treatment is warranted.

Treatment Monitoring

We will call you every month to initiate your refill and see how you are doing. We also provide regular reminders if you need labs or clinical monitoring to ensure your safety.

Updates to Your Doctor

We schedule regular follow-up calls with you to check if you're having issues with your medication and to assess how your disease is responding to the drug therapy.We're constantly on alert for possible issues that could interfere with your medication's effectiveness. Should a problem arise, we'll contact your doctor's office. We will also proactively reach out to your doctor's office if you're running out of refills. That way, we ensure there are no interruptions in your therapy.

Financial Assistance Options

In 2014 Kaiser Permanente saved our specialty patients 87 percent of their out-of-pocket costs by enrolling them in copay assistance programs. This service has helped us increase your access to the specialty medications you need.

24/7 Advice and Support

Nurses are available 24/7 via our Consulting Nurse Service to review your medication records. On-call physicians or pharmacists are also available as needed.

In addition, you can access the Kaiser Permanente Washington Specialty Pharmacy staff by phone or via secure, encrypted e-mail, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday (except major holidays). We'll answer questions about medications, potential drug interactions, side effects, and any new symptoms. If there are problems with your medication, we'll contact your doctor immediately.

Convenient Refills, No Shipping Costs

During your orientation, we develop a schedule with you for receiving your medications. Our team will contact you about seven days before a refill is needed. Refills typically occur once a month and are mailed to your home or a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy at no additional cost.

Pharmacist holding pill bottle