Medication Disposal Program Restarts

Kaiser Permanente is participating in King County's medication disposal program to make it easy and convenient to safely and responsibly dispose of unwanted medicines. Anyone in the community can use these disposal kiosks, not just Kaiser Permanente members.

All prescription and over-the-counter medicines can be disposed of in the kiosks. No needles or syringes — only medicines — can go in the kiosks.  Kaiser Permanente had participated in an earlier pilot program for medication disposal, with this new program starting in October 2016.

Medicine disposal kiosks are available at 12 Kaiser Permanente pharmacy locations. Check the pharmacy hours at the clinic where you want to dispose of unwanted medications:

Patients outside the King County area are encouraged to use other community resources, such as the Take Back Your Meds program, to dispose of unused or unwanted medication. If you aren't sure where to dispose of medications in your area, contact your local police or sheriff's offices. Law enforcement often provides drop-off points.