Research and Innovative Projects

Our nurses play an important role in researching, developing, and testing new programs to improve patient care at Kaiser Permanente.


Primary care RN care managers collaborate with patients and primary care physicians to provide evidence-based treatments to address physical and mental health needs.

The TeamCare program is an evidence-based, multi-condition, collaborative-care program developed by Group Health and University of Washington and has been shown to be a successful model for improving clinical care and cost outcomes for persons with multiple chronic illnesses.

Expanding the Medical Assistant Role in Advancing Primary Care

Expand the role of Medical Assistant (MA) in Primary Care to function as Population health lead by utilizing team-based care coordination principles and patient activation strategies to proactively manage provider panels for selected populations.

Palliative Care for Late-Stage Dementia

Develop a home-based palliative program for patients with late-stage dementia using a multidisciplinary team to meet patients’ end-of-life needs.

Nursing Best Practice Innovations

  • Symptom Management Guidelines for Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting
  • A Successful Colonoscopy: "The Separation is in the Preparation"
  • Utilizing Interpreter Services
  • From Evidence to Practice: Development of Acuity-Based Staffing Tool for Ambulatory Oncology Infusion Center
  • Improving Staff Communication in Home Health Using SBAR
  • Central Urgent Care Call Back Pilot
  • Scorched and Sore: A proposed nursing post-operative pain management algorithm for pediatric tonsillectomy patients
  • Hospice Management of Pain in Dementia Based on Patient and Caregiver Perspectives