Making appointments

You can make appointments with your personal physician online or by phone. To find a doctor, use the Provider Directory or call Member Services at 1-888-901-4636.

Provider Directory

Appointments with specialists

You can make appointments directly (without a referral) with most Kaiser Permanente specialists. Use the Provider Directory to find specialists who are available for self-referral. In most cases, you need a referral to see contracted specialists.

How to get specialty care

Online scheduling

You can schedule online for most non-urgent appointments with Kaiser Permanente providers. This includes appointments with primary care doctors, eye care doctors, physical therapists, most specialists, and phone consultations with the Travel Advisory Service. You can cancel most appointments online, too. For access to online scheduling, register and sign on to the member website.

Online scheduling is not available for contracted doctors who do not practice at Kaiser Permanente medical offices.

Personal online services

Payment for services

If your health plan requires a copayment for your appointment, you will be asked for your copayment at the beginning of a visit.

You may pay with a personal check or a bank card. Kaiser Permanente accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We don't accept cash payments at Kaiser Permanente clinics and pharmacies.

Appointments when traveling

Kaiser Permanente members traveling outside our service area can receive routine care from Kaiser Permanente where available. Visit the Kaiser Permanente website and select the area where you will be visiting.

Note: Some services at Kaiser Permanente require pre-authorization. Contact Member Services for information about your coverage.

Kaiser Permanente covers medical emergencies worldwide. If you have a medical emergency while traveling, call 911 or the local emergency assistance number immediately. Within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible, call our Emergency Notification Line so we can follow up on your care.

If you need urgent care while traveling, call your personal physician during office hours for advice. After hours, call the Consulting Nurse Service.

Care when you are traveling