Walking Training Program

If you're more likely to watch TV than work out — but want to change that — this walking program is for you. "Walking is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of exercise," says Ben Betteridge, MD, a physician in the Kaiser Permanente Activity, Sports and Exercise Medicine department. "All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and desire. This program will build your endurance and cardiovascular strength."

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How to Go From Zero to 60 in 12 Weeks

It starts with an easy 15 minute walk and in 12 weeks, works up to 60 minutes a day.

115 min15 min15 min15 min20 min15 min20 min
215 min15 min20 min15 min20 min15 min20 min
320 min25 min20 min15 min25 min20 min25 min
420 min30 min20 min15 min25 min20 min30 min
520 min30 min25 min20 min30 min20 min35 min
625 min30 min30 min25 min30 min25 min40 min
725 min30 min35 min30 min25 min30 min40 min
825 min30 min40 min30 min40 min30 min45 min
930 min40 min40 min30 min40 min40 min45 min
1030 min40 min50 min30 min50 min40 min50 min
1140 min45 min50 min40 min50 min45 min50 min
1245 min45 min60 min45 min60 min45 min60 min