Our commitment to quality

Our doctors, specialists and care teams use leading technology and tools to focus on the total health of our patients.

Clinical excellence

We aim for clinical excellence by giving our patients the best possible care and service from top doctors. Our innovative treatment options, care centers, and advanced technology help make lives better.

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Health research

Kaiser Permanente's long history of medical research addresses health care policy, quality of care, and quality of life. Our research findings affect not just the practice of medicine within the organization, but also for society-at-large.

For Kaiser Permanente, research is an essential part of what it means to be a leading health care organization, answering questions of quality, affordability, access, and population health. Kaiser Permanente research guides clinical decision-making, innovation, quality, safety, and value in health care.

Kaiser Foundation Research Institute provides research administration leadership and support to our research program. Investigators and staff are based at seven regional research centers and one national center. Clinician researchers work at medical centers across all regions.

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