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Creating spaces for active living

Access to safe options for physical activity is an important element that impacts the health of a whole region.

We're working with community members and local organizations to create healthier environments that offer safe places to play, exercise, connect, and thrive.

Why enhancing environments matters

We know that improved environments are critical for health equity because they have powerful and positive physical, psychological, and emotional benefits for people. In addition, they create many benefits for the environment, increase economic development, and create stronger communities.

Improving parks

women exercisingImproving parks is a powerful way that we invest in community health. Examples of improvements that help increase safety include:

  • Installing lighting
  • Creating stable pathways
  • Landscaping for more visibility
  • Meeting safety standards of outdoor equipment

We’ve teamed up with the Trust for Public Land, Seattle Parks and Recreation and local government agencies to improve parks across Washington.

In the coming years, you’ll see improved community spaces across Seattle, Lynnwood, Tacoma, Wenatchee, and Spokane. We’re supporting healthy activity in these areas by investing in:

  • New or upgraded outdoor fitness equipment
  • Playgrounds
  • Walking and cycling trails
  • Community gardens

Supporting outdoor resources

We’re also supporting the development of the Eastside Rail Corridor, a new regional trail providing 16.7 miles of uninterrupted cycling and walking paths. This multi-use corridor where trail, transit, and utilities come together, will support walking, cycling, and other non-motorized recreation and transportation. We’re helping repurpose the historic Northern Pacific Railway Wilburton Trestle — a key section of the Corridor.

With support from Kaiser Permanente, a coalition of nonprofit organizations called the Eastside Greenway Alliance continues to advocate for the development of this effort and to ensure this vision is realized.

Along with enhancing parks, we provide funding to Forterra, a local organization creating the Sky to Sound Water Trail in Snohomish County. This river recreation development will create more options for healthy activity as well as job opportunities in the area.

Cycling programs, projects, and events

man riding a bikeThe Major Taylor Project (MTP) is a year-round, youth development cycling program created by Cascade Bicycle Club. MTP works with kids in schools in Central and South King County, and Tacoma to empower them through bicycling.

In MTP after-school clubs, students strengthen healthy habits, build relationships, gain confidence, and discover their ability to affect positive change.

Free swim lessons at the Tukwila pool

Kaiser Permanente and the Tukwila Pool are making it possible for people to have the opportunity to learn to swim, regardless of income level. Learn more about the scholarship program.

Other activities

There are many additional ways we support outdoor activities including funding a variety of runs, rides, walks, plus sponsored events and classes.

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