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Mental health support

One of our priorities for health equity is providing access to mental health resources in our communities that go beyond the doctor's office. Focus areas currently include:

  • Depression
  • Suicide prevention
  • Reducing stigma related to mental illness

There’s a critical lack of mental health access and support for communities. To help address this need, we:

  • Collaborate to create programs and approaches that fit the needs of our communities
  • Invest in building a framework for sustainable care
  • Offer free continuing education to health care providers
  • Increase availability of skilled practitioners

Working together on mental health

By collaborating with other organizations, we can help support services and programs our communities need.

TeenLink provides a safe place for kids to talk with other kids about what’s happening in their lives. Teens answer calls and chat online with those needing encouragement, emotional support, and resources to help them cope. TeenLink also give suicide prevention presentations for kids at schools throughout King County.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Washington helps improve the quality of life for those affected by mental illness. They provide advocacy, support, education, and recovery statewide. They also train volunteers to teach and lead NAMI programs in their communities.

Seattle Counseling Service is a community based organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness within the LGBTQ community.

The Alliance for South Sound Behavioral Health helps make inpatient care more accessible. Kaiser Permanente Washington is honored to join many other community contributors to help support their work.

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center works to ensure that all people affected by sexual violence and abuse get the treatment they need, and the advocacy they deserve. KCSARC is at the forefront of change, guiding public policy development and delivering research-based education to create safer environments for everyone.

Kaiser Permanente programs

Our educational theatre program helps young people address challenges like conflict resolution, bullying, and mental health topics like depression.

Suicide prevention CME is a free, online suicide prevention training program available to our health care providers and our colleagues in the community. It helps providers comply with Washington state-mandated requirements and is state-approved to help meet RCW 43.70.442 requirements.
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Our Stigma Campaign focuses on harnessing the power of social media to help shift the conversation away from negative beliefs about mental health and substance use.

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