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Improving community health

At Kaiser Permanente we believe everyone has the right to good health.

One of the best ways to improve the health of all 6 million people in the communities we serve across Washington – members or not – is by improving the conditions for health in the places where we interact every day.

By looking at the full picture of health, we’re not just providing health care, we’re tackling real-world challenges and advancing health in the places we live, work, and play. Working together, we can help people live full, healthy lives.

Community centered, community driven

Our work is guided by the people we care for and their communities. We help improve access to health care, education, and economic opportunities for all. An important part of reaching this goal is to improve health equity.

At Kaiser Permanente, health equity means everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. By removing barriers to good health, we can build communities where everyone thrives.

Sharing resources

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Access to care

We work to remove barriers to good health for people in communities that don’t have access to health care and other important resources. To achieve this, we:

  • Provide medical financial assistance
  • Invest in research and education
  • Collaborate with safety net organizations
  • Invest in developing the healthcare workforce

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Building blocks for health

Our Community Health Initiatives help improve physical, social, economic, and environmental health factors. We also help strengthen community resources that provide access to:

  • Healthy food
  • Mental health support
  • Educational and economic opportunity
  • Environments that help people to be active

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A collaborative approach

Every community is unique. That’s why we listen, lift community voices, and work together to create positive health outcomes for everyone. We work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be their healthiest, and we share what we learn to help more people. Our approach includes:

  • Strengthening community connections
  • Providing expertise, funding, and in-kind support
  • Measuring results to ensure effective, sustainable progress

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