Volunteers working in a park

Improving community conditions

By engaging members, communities, and our workforce and by drawing on our organization's scale and resources, we are working to create communities that are among the healthiest in the nation.

We join with organizations, coalitions, government agencies, and others to improve the social and structural factors that foster health and equity, including economic opportunity, safe and supportive schools, and a healthy environment. We pursue these priorities in collaboration with each community to co-create solutions for lasting change.

Thriving schools

We work with schools to support health and health equity for students, staff, and teachers. Based on our environmental scan, our deepest focus is on mental health and wellness.

Economic opportunity

We work to support inclusive economic growth and career pipelines, and environments that are vital to both individual and community health.

Healthy neighborhoods

We work to promote community vitality by helping build and improve safe places to play, exercise, and connect with community.

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