Services for Teen Parents

Great care makes a big difference. That's why we offer programs and services for teen parents. If you're pregnant and in your teens or early 20s, or a young father-to-be, our teen pregnancy programs can meet your particular needs.

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic

The Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic at our Capitol Hill Campus in Seattle provides prenatal care, labor and delivery management, postpartum care, and well-child care up to age 2.

This program also offers free pregnancy testing and contraception advice. The pregnancy clinic has received local and national awards for excellence in care for pregnant teenagers. Call 206-326-2656 for more information or an appointment.

Community Resources

Beyond our medical and social services, the Resource Line can help you find additional support in your area.

Clinical review by Andrea Gall, RN
Kaiser Permanente
Reviewed 03/01/2014